Can’t Get Enough Coffee? Me neither!!

Clearly this gentleman will be having a heart attack soon...BUT NOT A STROKE!!!

Here’s a lovely little article about coffee drinkers, and the ‘fact’ that coffee drinkers might actually have fewer health problems (i.e. less chance of a stroke). THAT’S RIGHT!!! I’m going to LIVE FOREVER!! Wait until they discover that coffee is the FLIPPIN CURE FOR CANCER!

Of course, I’m sure that drinking coffee isn’t great for stress, blood pressure, and a score of other things. But hey, if there are any benefits associated with drinking coffee, then WOOT TO THAT!!

Doesn’t the guy in the picture look like an overweight George Clooney? Whatever. He’s got what looks to be an espresso, and is lining up several more. What’s even better is that he’s got a BARTENDER serving it up – EXCELLENT!

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